The Dell House     Malvern, England

Offering Beds and Pizza for Sheep and Wood, at the foot of the Malvern Hills

DellCon Games Weekends

October 2017 - March 2018

Games in play

Kevin & Elizabeth (and family) have been playing modern boardgames for twenty+ years and have a large collection. We also have a ridiculously spacious home which we run as a B&B. We've put these together to form the DellCons; small & friendly residential games weekends several times a year.


The dates for the 2017 Autumn season are:

MonthWeekendEarly Booking Deadline
October20th-22ndFULLY BOOKED
November17th-19thFULLY BOOKED
December1st-3rdMidnight Sat 4th Nov.


The success of the first DellCon meant that we quickly decided to keep these 'little and often', keeping the numbers low such that we can share meals, become friends, and still have several gaming tables on the go.

The Booking Rules

Places are very limited. A simple and fair booking process is a bit of a nightmare of game design which we are still refining. There are two phases. The first phase ends on what we've called the Early Booking Deadline.

Before the deadline you can only book a full residential weekend. However, you can put your name down on waiting lists for non-resident options.

You cannot book a specific room. You book a 'Single', 'Double' or 'Twin' room. The best appropriate room will be allocated to the first person who booked, and so on in booking order.

By best and appropriate we mean that earlier bookers will normally get the luxurious en-suite rooms and late bookers will get bedrooms in the apartments with shared facilities; but it also means a double room will not normally be allocated to a single person. None of this is resolved until just before DellCon, which means that we can optimise for your comfort, e.g. perhaps upgrading singles to double rooms. Decisions on room allocation are ours alone.

The one exception to this process is that if, before the deadline, you book extra nights either side of DellCon you can cherry-pick which B&B room you want for the weekend, subject to availability.


A weekend gaming ticket is £35 per-person which includes meals and refreshments, but not accommodation or breakfast.

Accommodation & breakfast prices are per-room not per-person. See below for details.

Regardless of all the above, the Friday evening is open to all, for free

Before the Early Booking Deadline

Before the deadline you can only book a residential weekend i.e. a gaming ticket per person and two nights accommodation but you can put your name down on the waiting lists for non-residential places.

The number of each room type is very limited.

Room Capacity Room per night
for 2 nights
Extra nights
Full B&B service, cooked breakfast, etc.
Bonus: Pick your DellCon room
Single £50 £60 (Yellow room)
One double bed
£70 £95 (Red room)
£85 (Blue room)
Two Single beds
£70 £85 (Green room)
Double + Single bed
£70 Not available

The discount from our usual rates reflects that there's no cooked breakfast and that the rooms won't be serviced over the weekend.

After the Early Booking Deadline

Those on the waiting lists have their places confirmed according to the then available space, with priority going to those who've booked the whole weekend.

If there is space left anywhere, it's first-come first-served.

Gaming Ticket Prices and What's Included

Weekend Resident Weekend non-resident Friday night Saturday ticket Sunday ticket
Friday 4 hours gaming: 7pm to 11pm
Tea, coffee, etc.
Saturday Breakfast - cereal, juice, toast, fruit
11 hours gaming: 10am to 11pm
Tea, coffee, etc.
Home-made cake
Lunch - fresh warm home-made bread & cheeses, salad, etc.
Evening meal - pizza, side salad, pudding
Sunday Breakfast as above
6 hours gaming from 10am to 4pm(ish)
Tea, coffee, etc.
Home-made cake
Lunch - fresh bread, quiche, salad, etc.
£35 + room £35 Free £24 £12


How do I book the weekend?

Email or phone us to check availability. To confirm a booking we require a non-refundable deposit of £50 per room or £35 per person (whichever is higher) please. The date the deposit is paid is the date used in the allocation of rooms. The remainder can be paid during the event. We can take cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer.

How do I get on the list for a Non-resident ticket?

It's simplest if you just email us. Weekend residents will have first priority for the limited places; then weekend non-residents, then one-day visitors, otherwise it's first-come-first-served. Payment will be due when we've confirmed your place.

Loose Ends

Please feel free to phone or email us if you've any questions.

There is a Facebook page for DellCon for discussion and updates.

Our "B&B" Terms and conditions, including the cancellation terms, apply to all attendees. Please read the extra section at the bottom of that page.

Some rooms, especially the self-catering, may get booked by normal people; suddenly reducing the number of available rooms. Decisions on room allocation are ours alone.

We reserve the right to bend rules where it seems right to do so.